How's Orlando for a beer visit

Worthwhile to visit or dull?

Its getting better all the time but nothing truly stand out yet. That being said there is a couple of us here but never met anyone since I moved down.

From other site the list: ive been to a bunch of these and plan on getting to a bunch more I’ll bold the ones I like best and if i’m around Id grab a drink. Also there is this trolley that does beer brewery tours

Ellipsis Brewing (near Orlando Airport)
Ten10 Brewing
Red Cypress
Half Barrel Project
Crooked Can Brewing (Winter Garden)
Cask & Larder (Great Food)
Redlight Redlight brewery and beer bar
Bowigens Brewing
Hourglass Brewing
Broken Strings /Black Cauldron
Ocean Sun
Deadly Sins
Dead Lizard
Orange County Brewers Downtown
Bear & the Peacock
Wolf Branch Brewing
Tactical Brewing
Ivanhoe Park Brewing
Toll Road Brewing
SunCreek Brewing (Clermont)
RockPit Brewing

New breweries opening in 2019
Oviedo Brewing
Brew Theory Downtown (by Orange County Brewing)
Orange County Brewers Lake Mary
Blue Springs Brewing (Orange City)
Castle Church Brewing
RockPit Brewing
Clermont Brewing Company
Sideward Brewing
Windermere Brewing

I have a chance to visit in February but likely with my kiddo. So, I am thinking if its worth it or better just stay home. I forgot Redlight is there and that would be a a place I want to go.

Disney actually has a pretty vast selection for ticking. Redlight Redlight has always been a place that I try to get to as well, but before Uber was a hassle. Crooked Can has good number of taps and above average offerings. If he’s down that way it’s always good to meet up with @jcwattsrugger.

Oh yeah, another good reason to visit.

how so? Just cost?

Crooked Can is great for kids as its at end of food hall with lots of places to eat and nice outdoor seats, they also opened a barrel room at the opposite end of Plant Street market (the food hall) where they serve only barrel aged offerings and its more bar. That’s my go to as I live in Winter Garden and they have good stuff

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Cabs were pricy, we seldom had a rental and everything seems pretty spread out.

Dont know about that guy @jcwattsrugger. Just saw that reference pop up on my account from this thread/topic. Been on RB about 15 of the last 23 days, dont know why it wouldnt have been showing before this afternoon. Feb I am here (8 miles west of Disney in a mobile home/rv park). So @Jow @SHIG or @beastiefan2k let me know when you are around.

In fact planning to meet up with one other beer person tomorrow afternoon. He’s not a rater on any site, so maybe thats a plus. We both usually bring one beer and get at least one from wherever we meet up. Tomorrow at 2:30 we are going to Suncreek again. Feel free to join us.
cheers john
cell 732.539.3925 (voice and text)

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Unfortunately I will not be back in Florida until Oct of this year.

I live in Winter Garden so always around. At moment my whole family is starting the year quite ill with fevers and such so can’t do tomorrow but some other time if a gathering is happening.

Looks like I’m coming 2/06 till that Sunday. @Jow @jcwattsrugger

Would love to meet up. I’m pretty free but may be saddle with 2 year old at times.

Wish I hadn’t moved up north! I’d try to pop down and visit you!

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I’m around then what part of town are you staying in? Not sure if he ever leaves Red Cypress brewery but @smith4498 is active member as well maybe he’d like to join shin dig if JCWatts is down.

Let me know when and where, I’d love to meet up. I’m about an hour NE of the Disney area so I’ll see what I can do.

@Jow I’m less than a mile from Red Cypress so that’s why I’m always there lol

Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista in the Walt Disney World ® Resort

Looks like I am on the wrong side of things.

I am free all 9-5 Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. Evenings are tricky with wife and kid. May be able to drive somewhere with kiddo and or wife. Or maybe not.

But Saturday, during the day, I am child free and would be happy to meet up with others. I can even bring beer from my neck of the woods if anyone wanted to do a tasting. Meeting at a brewery is great as well.

I’ll put Redlight and Red Cypress as my top 2 brewery stops. I’ll probably end up at Dead Lizard since its closest to me. Is Knightly still the place to go to for bottles?
@Jow @smith4498 @jcwattsrugger

Was on a family cruise, so was out of the loop the last week plus.

Half Barrel is good too, only 1, sometimes 2 of their beers on, but close to Eugene/beastiefan2k. So is Orange County. That Fri and Sat of Feb 8+9 work well for me. Th Feb 7 maybe later in the afternoon, not sure. Always enjoy Red Cypress andRedlight. Ivanhoe Park and Ten10 are solid also. Eugene I will definitely plan to bring a beer or two along with me each day.

@Jow @SHIG @beastiefan2k @smith4498

For the locals, I am hoping to make it over to Big River this Wed afternoon Jan 23. If interested, mention a time and thats what I will shoot for. I generally bring a beer to share with me, usually just a tick from some brewery that I have been to elsewhere if anyone wants to bring something too.
cheers john

Crooked Can is also not too far and great for shares and now with barrel room very solid certainly more than Dead Lizard. I’ll try to make whatever ends up working can’t do the Feb 6th definitely but anything else open.

Still haven’t been to Big River do you have to pay resort prices to park? I would go but my wife out of town Tuesday and Wednesday and I’ve got the kids.

Looks like the time is near are we going to try and do something?

For some reason, to me this still seems like far away. First half of the day on Saturday the 8th seems like the most flexible time for everyone. I can meet anywhere. @Jow @jcwattsrugger @smith4498