How's your rating going so far in 2018?

I thought my rating totals would fall this year (from my usual 1,000/1,200 rates per year). However I seem to be drinking new beers at the same rate as usual.

451 (plus about 20 in a Brugge visit backlog), how are others doing?

I have also managed to review 37 new places so far this year, which sounds a lot to me.

With all the troubles on the site I thought this would be a ‘feel good’ thread, so post your totals and show your support for RateBeer.


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1613 beer ratings and 64 place ratings so far, that’s much more than I had expected. I guess travling to all the great festivals helps.

every year i think i will be less. yet due to availability i seem to at least stay up with last year

Yes I am working out as lower than last year, but I am glad of that, it was a bit of a record year for me and I have only just got back to my correct weight.
I’m just happily plodding along now, touring around Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg soon and I aim just to be very selective rather than going full tilt.

That’s a lot in just 140 days, but as you say festivals must have played a big part in that total (small measures I hope).

My problem is I like to drink pints (halves at a push), even at festivals. The UK is offering thirds of a pint at festivals now though, so that helps. Plus I don’t like to share my beer!


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Certainly is more choice in the UK these days mate.


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I really thought I would calm down this year too, but have so far failed. With three beery trips to Germany planned, the monthly beer exchange meetings in Shrewsbury and Cotteridge coming up I can see me rating far too many beers for my health.


1,426 beers plus Hop City to add in. Got a growing place backlog too.

With the London crew being filthy beer drinking animals, more great beer than ever and a few trips planned, might be my best ever year.

248, which is more than half of the rates I’ve had from signing up in late Sept 2015 to the beginning of this year. Trading helps immensely. Also lots of locals seasonals, which hasn’t really been done until like a year ago, and trying all the new beers you can get while on holiday. I’ll probably go and get 1k this year, but the more new beers I try, the more I feel like it’s not the beer that matters, but where and who you’ve had it with. Once I feel like I’m losing focus of that, I’ll slow down.

Best year every? Quality or quantity? You are running at 10 per day since 1st Jan.


Where and who you are with does make a huge difference to how much I drink also.

Luckily my wife likes beer and travelling too, so we plan beery holidays together as well as normal ones.


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Way down. Moving from NY to FL has dropped my monthly average by about half. Within a square mile of my NYC apartment I could walk to Stags Head, Draught 55, The Jeffrey, and City Hops aka tons of high quality ticks at all times. I was on perfect pace to hit 5k rates on my 10 year anniversary on site next May but with my new average will not make it. My place rates are up though.

574 so far. Should add 10 today. Feels like I’ve slowed down, but not apparently by much yet. Still way off the new annual highs others are reaching though. Clearly I will never be in the top of the year category again.

I think choice and quality. There’s a lot of good beer out there and the quality is getting better. Get a lot more good US stuff in London too.

There’s a lot of good cask stuff in the Shires too. It’s a good time to be a beer drinker!

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Around 440 beers so far (after I finish uploading the last 30 or so) and 15 new places. About the same pace as last year. Since I don’t travel much and don’t go to any major festivals, quite good for me.

Slightly ahead of last year. I tend to rate one to two beers a day, but I had a week in Belgium which managed to push my total up nicely.

248 this year, just under last year on average.

I am on a good pace still entering back log when time allows.

I’ve rated 569 beer this year, Also 36 places. This month still has 3 beer festivals and a trip to Sweden so by the end of the month I will probably be slight ahead of last years totals. But the main difference is the increase in quality which is much higher on average I think.

Hey buddy!

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