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This beer is currently marked as not rate-able, and I would like to know why.

@BeerandBlues2 - he has corrected my 5050 ratings before so I think he should know.

mansquito has the basic. Despite what the “web” indicates (BA and untappd), we need to go with FiftyFifty on whether there is a “Honey Eclilpse” or not. In fact there have been two, but aged in maple (plain wood or syrup barrels? - more detective work). Anyway plain old honey isn’t in it. Here’s the FiftyFifty wax page containing those “honey” Eclipses (2018 and 2017*):


*There’s also a honey with ivory

Also it specifically states why it is not rateable on the page.

The beer uses honey as an ingredient; the only way to know what variant you have is to go by the wax color.

If it does it is not apparent to me. All I see is a grey button that says “this beer cannot be rated”. There’s no other explanation on the page.

OK I’m looking at the page you linked and it very clearly has Honey listed as one of their 2018 offerings. This matches the picture I took of the bottle which also says 2018 and honey on the label. I’m still not clear on why this can’t be rated then. Is there another listing for this beer that I can input my rating then?

What color is the wax? Can you match it to one of the colors on the FiftyFifty page? If not, it will be very surprising.

What you’ll need to do is compare the colour of the wax on the bottle with the different versions. As an example the version below states the wax is Fuschia:



Click on picture to enlarge and compare with your bottle.

Identical; that’s the one! Thanks b.

y’r welcome

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