Hungary regional split

Central Hungary
Central Transdanubia
Northern Great Plain
Northern Hungary
Southern Great Plain
Southern Transdanubia
Western Transdanubia

Postal Code Region
1000 - 2391 Central Hungary
2400 - 2591 Central Transdanubia
2600 - 2791 Central Hungary
2800 - 2991 Central Transdanubia
3000 - 3991 Northern Hungary
4000 - 5491 Northern Great Plain
5500 - 6991 Southern Great Plain
7000 - 7059 Central Transdanubia
7060 - 79xx Southern Transdanubia
8000-89xx Mix of all three Transdanubias, check each case
9000 - 99xx Western Transdanubia

Does this sound right @midovark @Cuso ?


I am OK with it. Do you need some help, @Marko ?


We’ll see, figured that we should have details ready if at some point in the future Hungary gets a regional split. :slight_smile:

After we’re done with this mess we’re in right now with the 17 new split up countries, of course.


Let me know when it comes to splitting the country, I’d be down to any related work!

Anyways it seems alright for me, there’s one thing tho:
you list the postal codes between 2600 and 2791 as Central Hungary, but my hometown’s postal code is 2660 and it’s in Nógrád county, which is, according to the Wikipedia link, and my own knowledge too:D, belongs to Northern Hungary. So maybe it’s something to look into?

I’ve used this as reference, likely wrong then. List of postal codes in Hungary - Wikipedia

what is the point of all this? :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Because people like stats…!

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So people can then make t-shirts that say things like Central Transdanubia beers own eastern Trandanubia beers. I’ve already pre-ordered mine.

Ok just double checking that this is the list, spelling etc., that we should use.

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