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Bonjour quebecois!
That’s pretty much all the french i know.
I’ll be visiting your lovely (?) province in a couple of months and the beer scene looks great, but what of mead?
What store in Montreal has the largest selection of mead?

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Unfortunately, there’s nothing like a “mead scene” in Québec. The only things I would recommend are some products from Ferme Apicole Desrochers, especially an oxidative mead and it’s variants:

If you need any more info, let me know.


If you are into ice ciders (which I think shares a lot of similarities with mead), let me know and there will be a LOT more suggestions as it’s ice cider land around here.

Do you stay only in Montréal or you will be visiting Quebec city as well? If you go to Quebec city, I think it could be rather easy to get you the bottles you want before your arrival so you just have to grab the package once you are here instead of having to visit multiple stores.

Thank you very much for that info.
I didn’t even know there was a monopoly in QC. It seems wierd to me as a swede that other retail stores are allowed to co-exist.
I’m on a bit of a budget so i will not spend $76 on a bottle of anything.
I have not ever had ice-cider and don’t know if it’s even made in Europe.
One night in Ville de Quebec and the rest in Montreal.
Are there any beer-related events that i should be aware of february 27th-march13th?

There is a very nice Swedish one you can try to see if you like it before your visit:

As Tom said, mead isn’t much of a thing around here. Desrochers takes a stab at the award winning stuff, otherwise there are a couple small local honey producers that make some honey wines but that is if you’re feeling rather adventurous. Miel Nature in Beauharnois close to montreal makes a ton of meads of OK quality.

Remind me closer to the date as I can’t find anything right now or think of anything that happens around those times but it seems there’s some beer related event every single weekend these days so surely there will be something during that time.

Huh, what do you know. Cider and sake is not on my radar, that’s probably why i’ve never heard of Brännland.

I was able to find an event though. La cuvee, which seems to be a celebration of all things hipster.
Have anyone attended this? It seems decent enough.

Went twice, it was cool, nice atmosphere. Beer choice isn’t the biggest but it was well curated. They also had a nice whiskey selection if you’re into that.

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How much is it? Do you pay as you go or is ‘‘everything’’ included in the ticket price?
Is there a Quebec based beer blog in english? I have not been able to find one.

If I remember correctly it was 10$ or 15$ for entry and a glass. You also have to buy tokens for paying each beer.

For English blogs you can take a look at those two:


Hi again.Leaving for QC next week and I’m super stoked.Are there any new events that you are aware of.It will be two nights in Ville de Quebec and twelve in Montreal.


There’s this one : http://www.mondialdescidres.com/en/

That way you won’t have to buy expansive Ice Ciders bottles and can taste a wide aray of Quebecois Ciders.

I’m not aware of other events than Mondial des Cidres and La Cuvée.

Enjoy your time over here!

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