Hypothetical question?

Your on a flight that gets diverted to equitorial gui nea there are no rates for this country you have four hours to kill at the airport while the plane refuels etc. In your pocket you have enough for one set of drinks the options are

  1. a bottle of pale lager from a pop up brewery in equatorial guinea the locals say it rubbish tastes like Budweiser but it’s a new Country that nobody else has rated

  2. A six pack of a decent commercially available lager say pilsner urquell it’s ice cold and will kill the four hour layover nicely in the scorching heat

3 A flight of well regarded beers from different brewery’s that you’ve not tried back home in your favourite style.

4 a pint of your highest ever rated beer that you could sip and savour.

#1 for sure.


I’m sure “Asonga Lager Beer” and “Casteel Beer (Equatorial Guinea)” suck (don’t need the locals’ advice to know that, although I’m not sure they’d be too versed in beer, anyway), but then so do a lot of the pale lagers I’ve ticked for the sake of upping my number of country tixs.

#1, for multiple reasons.

  • local is local.

  • country ticks are country ticks

  • I drink my highest rated beer ever in pints all the time, so why bother doing it in equitorial guinea in probably questionable condition?


First of all, since I in general only do flights within Europe I’d be quite flabbergasted if I got diverted to Equatorial Guinea. After overcoming that shock I’d definitely go for #1 with the Central African Francs I randomly found in my pocket.

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Not exactly a pop-up -


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With 4 hours to kill I would choose a #3 followed by a #4, then buy a couple #1s to rate at my destination.

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Because I am on this site 1.

Obviously #1.



This. (1-3-4-2)

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This thread really tells you everything you need to know about this site, well played.

  • I know how to make polls
  • I do not know how to make polls
  • Who needs polls - it’s 1, obviously

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#1. With a pint of Kaggen Stormaktsporter I would probably miss the next flight…