I demand 50 50 exposes the terrible base beer behind the 1001 eclipse variants

Title speaks for itself.


It’s this one


Actually it’s this one:


Our Award Winning Imperial Stout, Totality, also serves as the base beer for the internationally acclaimed barrel aged Eclipse. Rich dark chocolate, mocha, and espresso flavors.

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You can totally taste the difference in the barrels. :laughing:

Would love to have someone attempt a blind taste test of these :umbrella::neutral_face:

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The base beer is good.

Gotta be better than all the Eclipse variants.

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Yup. And hopefully cheaper

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Might not work. The bourbon flavors are so strong, usually, I think one sample would ruin the mouth for the next. Where this might actually show a difference is with non-bourbon barrels like apple brandy.

… so they’d all just taste the same, is what you’re saying.


I did a non-blind tasting with 4 or five of these a few years back where we all pitched in the gajillion dollars to buys a few and they all did seem to taste the same, like bourbon.

Metaphorically the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth - I actively avoid them now.

No. I’m saying the average mouth likely can’t distinguish a second taste from a first taste, if both tastes are from bourbon versions. We’re not talking differently hopped IPAs here. Since I tend not to repeat beers, I’ll never know for sure.

So… they taste the same.


Not necessarily. Taster fatigue might invalidate the tasting of the second beer. It seems there’s not a lot of “talk” about taster fatigue on the site, but IMHO many ratings probably aren’t valid because of it.

haha, like all of the ratings by anyone like me who has thousands of ratings. Nobody who has that many is drinking by the pint…

I wouldn’t say it invalidates it. Might dull the sharpness of your taste buds, but you can still tell good from bad and the general notes of the beer.

The fact that all 50/50 eclipse beers just taste like whiskey anyway isn’t going to change because you had a few.

BTW - what does that mean for whiskey nerds? They can’t taste other whiskeys after the first?

I guess. I’d say if you have two beers side by side and can’t tell them apart, it’s pretty lame to blame it on palate fatigue.

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In a way I suppose I’m not qualified on BBA beers. I can differentiate fairly well between Irish whiskeys - not identify brand in a blind taste, but by smoothness and flavor. With bourbon I’m pretty well clueless.

Me neither - I don’t like whiskey :rofl::rofl: I generally only rate bourbon barrel aged beers when the barrel aroma is super light and well integrated like a lot of Prairie stuff or barrel-aged Abraxas. The base beer has to be the major force, I feel, rather than just rating a beer good because it tastes like whatever whiskey. We aren’t rating the whiskey, after all, on this website

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I’ve had 6 of them side-by-side last year during SF Beer Week, and after trying all 6 of them I could definitely tell those apart blindly. I wouldn’t have associated the actual differences with what the barrel is famous for, but the differences were notable enough.

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The base beer is called Totality, and it tastes just fine. Overpriced? Yes. Terrible? Not even close.