I hitchhiked to breweries between Denver and Portland

I spent ~5 weeks hitchhiking from Denver to Portland, OR going into breweries to meet the brewers and owners and taste the hell out of all their beers. I got it all on camera and wanted to share my experience, particuarly for all the beautiful spots in places like Wyoming and Montana where people may not think of craft beer right away: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoIzddAIk40&list=PLjchSBGihUOFfXgqPfk6ZP6aathAtCJm_


I love that show! Since I am going to Denver in October, i will defiantly stop by the breweries you visited. Thanx

Burns Family in particular is a must-visit if you’re into bigger beers, he brews them well.


Really nice, so jealous.

Thanks for sharing!

Burns Family is where Ratman 20K was created!


Had to look that one up, sounds delicious. And nice work on the milestone, by the way!

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I’ve done a little drinking in Denver and surrounding areas so I’m looking forward to checking out your YouTube video, thanks for sharing!