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I’m back!

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Member since 2002 but took a break. Drinking a few Zombie Dusts and trusty Old Raspuitin


Welcome back. Don’t get many old timers that have left coming back lately.

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First time having a drink in 5 years. Interesting combo of dilauded, gabipentin, tramadol and goof beer. My wrecked back isn’t bothering me now

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Rate a beer with your new eyes. Also welcome ba k oldtimer.

Welcome back! We have replaced all beer styles with New England and Hazy IPA so now Old Rasputin is a Cascadian New England India Pale Ale and Zombie Dust is a Juicy DDH Pale Ale. Consider changing your screen name to HazyDaalamar or JuicyDaalamar to avoid disinterest in future posts.


Lol… maybe a juicyhaze I can throw some old school from before craft beer was “trendy”. From back when the owners and lead brewers from most places visited these boards

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