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I’m back!

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Member since 2002 but took a break. Drinking a few Zombie Dusts and trusty Old Raspuitin


Welcome back. Don’t get many old timers that have left coming back lately.

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First time having a drink in 5 years. Interesting combo of dilauded, gabipentin, tramadol and goof beer. My wrecked back isn’t bothering me now

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Rate a beer with your new eyes. Also welcome ba k oldtimer.

Welcome back! We have replaced all beer styles with New England and Hazy IPA so now Old Rasputin is a Cascadian New England India Pale Ale and Zombie Dust is a Juicy DDH Pale Ale. Consider changing your screen name to HazyDaalamar or JuicyDaalamar to avoid disinterest in future posts.


Lol… maybe a juicyhaze I can throw some old school from before craft beer was “trendy”. From back when the owners and lead brewers from most places visited these boards

You seem to have gone again @daalamar. You OK?


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