I Still Don't Know Whether Ticks are Supposed to Count as Ratings

Check out the following two users:

https://www.ratebeer.com/user/87165/ - arminjewell’s profile says he has 9720 ratings and 770 ticks. On the top beer raters page his total ratings stand at 9720. Here the ticks are not counting.

https://www.ratebeer.com/user/74823/ - GT’s profile says he has 10001 ratings and 16 ticks. On the top beer raters page his total ratings stand at 10017. So GT’s ticks are counting as ratings.

Are we just still in no man’s land here and the lists are broken until they are fixed?


I find the totals differ on my mobile vs laptop. Yeah, that requires fixing.


And while we’re on this subject I thought ticks on aliases were supposed to be removed last week? I still have a single tick on my profile which I can’t see or delete or do anything about because the beer was since aliased to another one. If not deleting them they should at least be “moved” to the real beer so we can manage it ourselves.


A pain in the ass, this is what the new ticks are. I yet have to dicover one hidden tick i have, and not sure about what to do with the current ones, beers i had and rated time ago.

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Is there any final solution of how this new “system” of ratings and ticks will look like? Current situation it is just mess… Will ticks and ratings be separated? Will they count in the overall score? Now i can’t differentiate between my rating and ticks in brewery pages and in my ratings list. My ticks are not counted in beer score, but they are counted in my brewery average rating…

I want to know so I can decide to rerate my ticks, delete them, or leave them as they are.

PS: Also it will be nice to have some info about site changes. Currently some functionality changes and nobody is informed about how it will work.

I think real Ratings (aka Reviews) and Ticks should both totally count in a user statistic profile but only Reviews would count in the Beer statistic profile. They just need to make a better integration of Ticks & Reviews being Ratings and include statistics for both (alone and combined)

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@joet Can you address this?

I have 6 ticks, 2 of which are a mystery.

Does it depend on whether they are ‘new’ or ‘old’ ticks?

I deleted all of my old ticks cuz I had given them full ratings.

All old ticks were copied over as new ticks (ratings that do not count toward totals)

Some ticks were occurring as a result of accidental handling the web or mobile interface.

When are you gonna delete our ticks on aliases that we can’t get rid of?

I can do this.

I have 4 ticks that have been aliased. Then 2 mystery ticks that I canna locate. Please delete them, pretty please.

@joet And I have “1” mystery tick that shows up on my profile, but nothing that shows up when I click it. When I check other people’s profiles, the numbers don’t match (between their totals and actual ticks) either. Will this be fixed some time soon? It’s been messed up for a while.

Also, I don’t understand the answer to the question of why some people’s ticks (like chriso’s) count towards their total rate count on the “most beer ratings” list, for example? I thought it was decided that ticks will not count as ratings in this sense?

Same here, 35 ticks of aliased beers and I would like to get rid of them.

@joet Can you address my questions?

When will this happen? You mentioned it back on the old forums too. Appreciate you’re busy but this seems like one of the simpler and quicker tasks to perform.

As far as beers that are aliased, I think that they should be included in the notes vs how they are dealt with currently.

Well either move aliased ticks to the correct beer, or delete them. It’s pointless keeping them on an alias that we can’t do anything about.