I was gonna

just say hic, as my want when drunk, but i think my earlier tweet says it better

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Don’t let us stop you

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Why no dots… on your… twitter feed…

the dots are only for beer reviews, and oddly i take a pretty serious amount of shit for them over the years but they are all down to @silktork

i read this way way back when i started and i liked the … description, mixed with Venoms split into where, look, aroma, flabour. realised no one else was using it, so took it and ran with it.

Sorry Craig, I was only joking and didn’t mean to offend. If I’m honest, yours are one of the first ratings I look at if I want to find out about a beer as you often seem to have similar tastes to me… so thanks for all your ratings, dots and all!

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No offence taken, and im fairly sure most if not all is Light hearted stick that i take for it, and oddly it has seem to have become wholly mine. But it was totally lifted from that piece as it was what worked for me.