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I would like to add a place, but

I’m not authorized to do so. I need to verify my email address in order to enable this feature.

Try signing out of your account and then signing back in.

Worked for me a couple days ago

Same for me, can’t close a place down and add a new one. Bloody annoying.


You just need to log on and out again. But every time you come back to the site you have to do that.

@services can this be looked at, it’s getting boring.


I second that. It is so annoying.

Well when I came back just a few moments ago, I was logged off (automatically), it happens on a few sites where I get logged off. Anyway, I was able to add a new place.

Thanks gays!

I don’t have this problem with desktop version. Do you have this problem with ratebeer mobile version?

Mobile and laptop.

Thanks gays!

I hope you meant to say “Guys!”


Sorry, auto correct.

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I am not having this problem with either and am not sure what is going on, but services has not responded in weeks it seems.

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