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Ice perry, Grodziskie and 2 more for trade

Some beers in my cellar are looking for a new owner :wink:

I offer this ice perry:

This Grodziskie:

The 2020 version of Imperium Prunum (do not confuse with the old version!)

And a beer from my hometown of Bielsko Biała brewed by Browar Wirtuozeria (not available elsewhere):
They currently have an IPA, a light Pils, a Dunkelweizen, a Weizen and an APA on offer, the choice would be yours.

In exchange I’d expect 4 high quality beers from your country. If your country has an own beerstyle (e.g Biere de Garde for France), I’d be happy to see one of those. But if your country doesn’t have its own beerstyles I’ll be content with some IPAs and Porters too :wink:

I can send to all of the EU + Norway and Switzerland.
If you’re interested, please post in this thread or send me a direct message.

Note: I would rather not trade with people from Germany and Poland, it’s nothing personal but I can just get beers from these countries very easily.

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