Ideas - related to Place maps (and lack thereof)

Okay, since “not having coordinates” kills the place page, I’m assuming that you’re/you’ll be working on fixing that. So - some ideas while you’re on it. @aww @services @joet

  • Since there will never be a legitimate place with coordinates 0,0 - it’s a dump that gathers places with broken coordinates - a good idea would be for the map, for those places, to be automatically replaced by a pic saying something along the lines of “HELP ME, I’M LOST!” in bigger and “This Place entry is missing coordinates, please point it out to our admins.”

  • “Internet-based” category Places usually don’t have a physical location. The “map area” should default to a pic saying “I’m on the Interwebz!” or suchlike by default, without them showing on actual maps.

Bit more complex:

  • We have numerous place entries which cover group places - chains and such.

Maybe - a “Various Locations” checkmark could be created that would automatically replace the map - should the admins decide it needed with something like “I’m all over the place! - This place entry covers multiple locations.”