Identification help please

I was at the Berlin Beer Mile Festival on 3rd Aug and had these beers I can’t find on Ratebeer, any help would be appriciated:

Lekker Pilsner:

Lekker Rose:

Bier Hugo, on the Zlaty Bazant stall, it was a Schwarz brew.

Thanks in advance.


Zweelerbrink 149, 7812 JE Emmen, Netherlands

[Phone] [+31 6 23936388]

use the above to create brewer - use untappd for details on individual beers

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well, no, because there used to exist at least one beer called “Gewoon Lekker” with that exact homepage that was brewed by Kauzen-Bräu.

I guess you can still add the brewer as a client brewer and then leave it to the admins to find out where the beer is actually brewed.


That was what my problem was, I found the old Gewoon Lekker Pilsner, but it’s not the same beer surely?

I don’t really need the extra rates, but if I do record them I want them in the right place. I was hoping someone else might have had them in Berlin and asked where they came from, I didn’t think too.