Identifying a beer

Ok, so my first question is about Stone Berlin really. There are two locations now. Should they be merged?

Other question really is about identifying a beer.

I had Emils Lager, here’s-biergarten-prenzlauer-berg/67141/296471/

According to untappd it should be Emil Helles, produced by
Emil Schwalbes Privatbrauerei which is subsidiary of Privatbrauerei Einsiedler Brauhaus

Any idea how to enter it or if it’s one of the Privatbrauerei Einsiedler Brauhaus rebranded beers?

I already mentioned this somewhere but nothing changed.

For the Emil Helles there is already a entry as it seems:

@biir can you provide further information?

They should definitively be merged - but i have only the admin-rights to delete one - but I can’t merge the ratins… :roll_eyes:
–> @jonas - can you do that???

The only way to do it is to move the ratings manually unfortunately. I have done that now and removed the superflous place. @DrNosha lost a place rating since he had rated both.

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I stumbled across this beer recently by accident, and thought it was worth a listing. Surprisingly it has place ratings but nobody added the beers/brewery. I have no information about where the beers are brewed, and their homepage is quite unclear. they also sell other beers as in the posted picture, which kind of speaks against being an independent brewery. the site is a former brewery though, and they claim it “their beer”. The site has also been used by Bogk-Brauerei in the past. They had Emil Hell, Pils and Schwarz on tap, so I’d say Lager = Hell in this case.
any more info is appreciated.