Identifying perry

Looking for help to identify this perry:

Here is the pic of the label

Had it on tap in Leeds.
I have strong suspicions it’s something rebranded for example Rekorderlig. Any experiences with this?

Not at 7.5%.

It seems to be a sold by a specialist wholesaler based in Bingley, bottled and made for them by another company. It may be difficult to find out who though.
I would enter it has a new cidery as a commisioner add the Perry and see what comes of it.

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Yeah it does look like a commissioner, can’t find any info about them at all. Strange that their Twitter account is private.
I agree - adding the cidery as a commissioner would be what I’d do if it was me. Hopefully at some point it can be found out who actually makes it and an admin can set the brewed at/by part.

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OK, thanks for the info. I’ll do as suggested.