I'm the morally superior mayor of vegandale brewery

Just let this smugness set in for all you heathens out there. And I did it with a full red meat burger in my stomach. I’m also the top rater.


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Looks like the only thing that’s set in is rot: “The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.”

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Morally Superior IPA? See the Light Lager?


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I’ll have to tell my wife to pick up some bottles next time she goes, hehe.

Lege!!! No invite? It’s basically just Duggans beer rebranded (i assume. that remains to be seen).

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I’m going there tomorrow. And the day after

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It was a fair degree worse. From what I remember Duggans always did just a few things but above average. Can’t say the same here. I’d actually read an article in the star about vegandale and only ended up there because I was across the street in a hotel and said ‘let’s see…’

You’d be better off telling her to load up on Bellwoods or something.

Ha. Yeah I know. She brought back a bunch from there last time. That said, I think Vegandale hs a hilarious name and would want to try a beer.

I was messing with the bartender there, saying like ‘so… What kind of beer isn’t vegan?’
He didn’t know. I said I guess an oyster stout. Or a milkshake IPA. He didn’t have a lot of humour about it.

Actually more than those are not vegan; see below articles:


I would but that article probably doesn’t quite exceed my apathy theshold