Improving the social aspect of Ratebeer - idea thread

While not as big of a priority as fixing the bugs and restoring lost features and bringing ratebeer into 2021, it must be said that the aspect where RB’s sorely lagging behind other sites is the social one. Of course, the forums are there and RB has always had a strong, dedicated community, though it’s been deteriorating more and more rapidly.

Let’s maybe discuss small things that might help with that. I will gladly edit the top post with more suggestions so that they are listed there, let’s just think of what could be done.

  • making likes actually useful. Not unsurprisingly, the concept that is currently in place has basically failed. It might work on immensely popular sites where anonymity is the key or wanted, and user numbers are vast not a site that thrives on communication and cooperation, like Ratebeer has so far. Other sites guessed correctly that (named) likes/toasts/one ups just work. They are just better from a psychological and social perspective.

  • "Ratebeerians I have met" option on profiles. In addition to the “Following” aspects we have so far. It’s great to remember exactly whom we’ve met at some points. :slight_smile: (idea by @SHIG I think).

  • Rating comments. Potentially useful in the long run, might be very low priority as they are something that should be added only when everything else’s fixed

What else?

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Somebody pointed out being able to see beer score rating average by friends on Brewver, that sounds like a good idea.

Bringing back decent Beer Cellar (HAVE / WANT) options, which are a good starting point for beer trades (which is a social aspect IMO) seems logic too.

In the Place page, we get the CHECK-IN button, but the only notification you get from that is being included in MY LOCAL page …if at least other people following you would receive a notification of CHECK-INS and be able to comment too, that would be something.

Yeah, right now, LIKES are basically useless, apart from Sorting Out reviews by MOST LIKED, which is basically useless when there’s 4-5 reviews per products anyway…

We used to have the I’M DRINK THIS NOW option that was fun and people were able to comment on it in the feed before the feed was edited to something I would call the most unwanted new feature ever created at that time :stuck_out_tongue: it sure made a lot of people rage-quit the site.
(the button is still accessible from the OLD BEER PAGE format, but there’s no way to see the result of it anywhere


Not really a “fix” but man I wish we could get free beer week big again. That was always great to have so many involved.

Also liked when you could earn awards, wish that would’ve been expanded on. Untappd took that and ran with it.

If the app, which can tell where you are and tell you what beer places you’re near, also had what raters are near you? Or, on the other hand, if it told you when you rated a beer in a bar or brewery, which other user also was there recently or currently? Would be cool. Just missed @Jow by a couple hours a month or so back in Other Half for example, but I just noticed that in ratings myself.

Obviously this is something you’d want people to opt out of if they weren’t comfortable with random RB derelicts showing up at their table with deez tickz

Wow, way to confuse me with @jow!

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As I suggested before - there should be an option to see Ratebeerians willing to meet to in certain cities/areas. This would of course have to be enabled in our profiles.

Events section should be revamped so you could see who is attending events.

As for Beer Cellar - there should be a list system in place similar to the the one at Untappd. Unlimited number of lists. With options have/want or FT/ISO/For share for the whole list or single beer. Pairing system in place which would notify you when your friend has a FT beer which is on your ISO list.

Edit: There should be a possibility to share beer lists with multiple Ratebeerians. If multiple users can add beer that’s very useful for beer tastings. Possibility to see if some of the users had the beer from the list.

Also place lists - very useful for beer travels and possibility to share them with other Ratebeerians. Of course option to show those places on a map. Would be cool to have some kind of system which would show you the list of Ratebeerians interested to visit some areas. Maybe this could be achieved through place lists.


Shit. Totally. My bad. Not sure why I confused that in my head… too much chaos yesterday, haha