In praise of Trader Joe's

As an fairly frequent visitor to the US I just love the good value beers that Trader Joe’s offers. They are not all world beaters of course, but some of their brews are bloody good. The cost of drinking out is rising every time I re-visit, so drinking in is a sensible thing to do as my trips are usually for over four weeks at a time.

All I am saying is, ‘don’t pooh pooh’ Traders Joe’s beers because they are cheap; try a couple and see what you are missing.



Some pretty good. Some not so much. But I always try anything new there. Unibroue always does a good job for them. I may not like a style (wit) too much, but always drinkable.

The Christmas beer is usually pretty good and only $5 for a 750ml

I just bought their second beer from Petrus, this one aged with blueberries. They also have a light colored Belgain ale from Unibroue right now.

The Unibroue Christmas beer sold out around here instantly, first time I’ve missed it in 7 years. Still available round other parts?

what beers besides the Unibroue stuff did you like?

I must admit it was mostly the Unibroue stuff I was talking about, however their Hefewiezen and Plznr are very drinkable too. The three Mission Street beers I had were also decent.


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I liked the hefe also their own and Mission Street vert nice for a really cheap price.
Also the Stockyard Oatmeal Stout is a nice easy drinking stout for little dosh.

I love that they ALWAYS allow you to break 4 or 6 packs, even packed cans.

Actually, I like shopping at TJ’s a lot anyways.

I think they do a good job price wise, here in Southern California (Orange County) everyone else seems so, so expensive compared to them. The local one to my daughter’s place is friendly and easy to use. Ralph’s used to be OK, but they seem to have upped their prices.


I’ll never buy groceries there but I buy the holiday beer every year

Don’t know why you never buy food there, but it is no surprise that their Unibroue Vintage beers are the best rated brews they sell. The Quinquagenary 2017 Vintage Ale is awaiting opening (top rated from Trader Joe’s) in one of the fridges here at my daughters.


I am drinking the Audaciter right now. I really like it. Standard Unibroue yeast and quite dryqith heavy carbonation.

I dig the Plzr.