Inbev pulling out?

Heard through the grape vine that Inbev is pulling support from RB? Apparently there’s an admin forum about this or something? Any intel on this for us non-admin peasants?

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They own it; nothing from google on anything recent of any kind

Ya, I heard it was more about them pulling out logistic help and support. AKA @services is gone.

I thought that had already gone, when the Aussie guy who added all the regions left.


Maybe I just never heard about that. We should memorialize Raj for doing that though. A decade + in coming. Maybe in 2032 when we regionalize more countries the Danes will be ready :rofl:


Bumping this topic to see if anyone has intel. And because I heard the admin forum is grumpy about us discussing the godly admin forum here in the peasant forum, and if that isn’t a reason to stir up some wild speculation, then I don’t know what is.

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Not true. Admin forum is as dead as these forums. Haha.


Honestly, it wouldn’t exactly be fantastic if info that was given to admins in confidence found its way outside, even if it was shared to trusted people or “nobody cared”. That info being flaunted even more publicly after that would be damn stupid as well, as apart from showing that trust was broken, it would then make it far more unlikely that any further info is shared with us, leading into “surprise changes” for everyone.

So yeah, with all due respect, and though I see why one might do it, ultimately this is not a particularly smart thread.

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A few reasons non admin peasants, damn stupid or not, might want to know, just off the top of my head:

  1. So that regular users can be advised to save ratings in the event of the site they have invested so much time and effort in going offline. So that those of us who add a ton of beers can consider whether they still want to waste time uploading photos, adding descriptions and cleaning up the site.
  2. If Inbev is really pulling out, maybe some past users will be inclined to come back to the site, if that’s why they left in the first place. If it’s true, I’d be singing this knowledge in a megaphone if I were Joe T in an effort to bring back old users. Since he’s not, you’ve got to wonder why–see point 1.
  3. Surprise changes have only come to light after people talked about them in these threads or from outside news sources. Take for example, the sale to XYZ in the first place. Transparency hasn’t ever been the modus operandi here–it would be damn stupid to suggest that it was. How does it serve the vast majority of RBeerians if a few elitist admins know what’s going on and don’t share? How is the fact that you know something and I don’t relevant to me, with all due respect?

It doesn’t take a genius to see that @services no longer exists as such, admin or no. The real concern is what does that mean and why? It could mean inbev is investing less money in the site. It could mean they stopped investing money in the site altogether.

Maybe they shut it down, maybe they let it die a slow prolonged natural death and maybe they sell it. Not sure what other options are out there, but it’s certainly worth knowing sooner rather than later for all of us.

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I’d love to see RB bought by some old school RBians. Anything is possible.


I understand the frustration and desire to know whether it’s worth adding information but it’s also worth some dialogue between whoever is responsible for the site’s future and the admins. I would be a lot less keen on this balance were it not for the free premium arrangements which mean that I can backup my ratings which include much of the underlying information that makes up the database.

Maybe once a month is not often enough.

Lol, “elitist admins”.

For any changes of great magnitude, everyone would be informed in time. I can see the sale of ZX being hidden initially. I don’t see a single reason, as you have argumented yourself, for any other changes in ownership being hidden. Maybe it’s a process. Maybe Joe’s silent about it for a reason, not willing to go public till things are clearer, maybe leaking can endanger the process, we do not know, you do not know. I certainly would not be doing the work I do if the chance that the site dies soon was hinted at to us, and that certainly would not be kept from people rating actively - I would be the first one warning people about that ffs, unless beaten to it by others who see that info before me.

You got your info from someone - fantastic, good for you. Good for that person. There are plenty of ways you could have broached all these subjects without screaming SOME ADMIN IS LEAKING INFO TOLD IN CONFIDENCE TO ADMINS TO MEEE at the very start of the thread. Which literally cannot help anyone in any way, only likely/potentially resulting in “elitist Joe” keeping info from +everybody+, including your anonymous non-elitist friend, keeping you in the dark even further.

Though, the fuck we know, maybe Joe won’t even read this. :smiley:


Read the post before you misquote. Never said Joe was elitist. As I said, he may have reasons not to tell yet. Still doesn’t mean lots of people don’t want to know. And trust me, saying “heard through the grapevine” is hardly screaming. I’m a reporter, if I wanted to write a sensational lede, I would have. I’m cautiously happy for this turn in events, but we’ll see where it goes.

As for admin forums, it’s a forum that is slightly less open than this forum. Those left on the site are a small group, and there isn’t much difference between admins and non admins. To think that admins never talk to non admins about site stuff is ridiculous. I don’t know who heard this “in confidence” as I never actually saw the post. But based on your grumpiness it’s a good bet it was you. If so, why post something told in confidence to the dozens of admins in the first place?

Read with understanding, I never said you said Joe was elitist, I was just mocking your terminology.

You literally said that there’s something written on the Admin forum about InBev pulling support, which can only mean that yes, an Admin told you something was written. But my apologies, you didn’t put it in the title, so it’s not screaming, it’s just flaunting that you have inside info. Of course admins and non-admins talk and that info will spread behind the “walls” of the board. However, it’s at least common decency not to spread info that was potentially shared in a private group with a trusted group of users (not only me, thank you very much) to the wide world.

So yeah, sorry I’m grumpy because of the potential consequences of a completely needless tangent a discussion about the future of the site could have done without, one that seems to draw primarily from annoyance/frustration that you are not privy directly to said info by not being a member of that group.

Oh, by the way, whoever’s feeding you info isn’t doing that particularly well, or you’re warping what they tell you as “the admin forum is grumpy about us discussing the godly admin forum here in the peasant forum, and if that isn’t a reason to stir up some wild speculation, then I don’t know what is.” is a flat-out lie. Literally one admin (not me) asked a week ago if something should be done with this thread - and nobody had replied. :slight_smile:

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Nobody is feeding me info, @marko, I heard once about the pull out and wanted to see if anybody knew more. So don’t worry, you guys don’t need to kill someone to stop up the leak or whatever.

Flaunting info suggests I’m doing it for kicks. I put it out there so that other old RBeerians might get informed and come back to the sight. Or, to see if anyone knew more. I don’t know what’s on the admin forum about this and was half cut when someone told me, so I wanted to verify/hear more.

Putting quote marks around something and attributing it to someone is quoting. These are quote marks: " "

And for fuck’s sake, there are like three active forum topics on this site–if we don’t talk about this, what the hell else are we supposed to talk about? I don’t have any secret santa trades to make and it’s too early for the lounge. Get over it. Or to apply a real, attributable quote to this situation:

“Hurt, meet butt, butt, meet hurt” - Marko, March 13

In English writing, quotation marks are placed in pairs around a word or phrase to indicate:

  • Quotation or direct speech: Carol said “Go ahead” when I asked her if the launcher was ready.
  • Mention in another work of the title of a short or subsidiary work, such as a chapter or an episode: “Encounter at Farpoint” was the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation .
  • Scare quotes, used to mean “so-called” or to express irony: The “fresh” bread was all dried up.

Learn your own language’s writing rules.

Also, so if nobody fed you info, you flat out invented / lied about the “admin forum” being grumpy about this thread existing to bump it? Classy way to randomly shit on people who dare waste their free time to keep the site ticking. The only butthurt I see here is yours when referencing the admin forums, and oh is it huge.

Just keep responding, @Marko… nobody else has done so much to bump this topic and keep it alive and well. I’ll make sure to go back in a couple days to like your posts, give it a bump, in case it fades.

-present continuous tense. Indicates nobody (besides you of course) is feeding me currently. Doesn’t mean someone didn’t tell me in the beginning, so nobody lied or invented anything, as you well know. Seems more true that someone on the admin forum is shitting on me for posting this, behind my back. So tell me about “classy ways to randomly shit on people who dare waste their free time” on this site?

“The admin forum is grumpy about us discussing the godly admin forum here in the peasant forum” = still a lie.

Nobody is “shitting on you” on the admin forum either, except by the absolutely most wide of definitions. :slight_smile:

I’m completely okay with this topic being afloat as it’s a topic that deserves discussion. Will gladly point out more lies and bullshit if they show up here, however.

You’re right. I can’t think of a single admin who could possibly be grumpy about this topic… :rofl: