Incoming New Standardized design for the PLACE PAGES

My thoughts:

BUG The Province/State link on top brings you to the bad URL for non-us states
For example (bad)
should be (good one)

BUG In the place page, the top link to the place’s city sends you to the wrong city (empty listing) when special characters are included.
For example link to Switzerland Zürich (good)
sends you to a city page of Zuerich (which doesn’t exist).

Missing ROWS PER PAGE option (50, 100, 250, all) other than the default 10 so it doesn’t take forever to scroll through the reviews…

Missing any SORT BY options for reviews:
Newest to Oldest / Oldest to Newest
Highest to Lower / Lowest to Highest

BUG You can’t load rating pages past the first 3 (1-30), all the others (31-40 or more) send you to an infinite loading loop.

BUG In the associated brewer, there’s no link to redirect to the Brewer page when populated.

BUG When we edit a place, we are sent to the old page format URL instead of the new one.

Need to be Introduced/Reintroduced ASAP:
Check Ins button (missing since the update)
BEER MENU (missing since the update, should be next to MAP)
Food menu (missing since the update)
Kids allowed (missing since the update)
Outdoor Patio (missing since the update)
Growlers (missing since the update)
Tasters/flights (new)
Animals Allowed (new)**
Cash Only / No Credit cards (new)

BUG When editing a place food menu, there is no way to erase it…it’s always there after erasing it…

You need to reinstate the CHECK IN button. (it is still working and available on MY LOCAL page)

Add THIS REVIEW WAS USEFUL / Thumb’s up feature for Place reviews

BUG The COPY TO CLIPBOARD option is not working, like everywhere else.

@aww @services @joet


@aww @services

Most importantly and above all else - where is the map?

They put it on the MAP button link (which probably should be named RATEBEER MAP or BEER MAP to make it clear there’s a difference between this and clicking on the address, which redirects to Googlemaps)

IMO, the mini-map was never useful compared to the full map so if it takes less Ressources, it is a good riddance.

Oh look, more clickthroughs. The mini map was highly useful to see if the place is in the wrong place if anything, or the general area of the place. Made, admittedly, far less useful than it could have been by not including other places nearby.

Have they thought of actually polling people about its usefulness?

What I find most appalling is that the info that should be readily available immediately (opening hours FFS!) appears to be hidden through a clickthrough (unless I’m mistaken). A clear indicator of never actually using Places in practice.

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You you come to a Places entry, there are no reviews - it might be a cool new craft place that has a ton of taps or bottles? Not visible at first glance. It might be Open Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays and it’s a Saturday. Not visible at first glance. You just see a barebones entry and ignore it. Or you can go to the teeny tiny “see more” and make the extra effort most won’t bother with, but that will at that point annoy you.

Times and tap/bottle counts should be visible ALWAYS. The rest of the info (the things that are there but missing for some unknown reason and the extra things you list) should be also always visible as it’s FAR more of essence to users than, say, tags are to beer raters. The strength of RB beer places is the info they give, not the info they hide, that becomes just semi-useful cosmetics by being in a drawer.

The only non-essential info that may as well be hidden is who’s the mayor. Nobody gives a damn but the person who somehow got that “title”.


Also, by hiding info relevant to the traveler, you are basically incentivizing people to look further from Ratebeer, lowering the page’s value and raising other pages’ values. It’s not “just a click”, a random Joe doesn’t know what they get with that click, and they won’t care to look further, and even if they knew there’s more info, they’ll likely chose another option that doesn’t force them to do more work to get more info.


At first glance (no extra-click / expander), on the PLACE PAGE (and also on the MAP when I click on a Place), I want to be able to see those important CUSTOMER information:

Phone Number
Website / Facebook
Number of Taps
Available in Bottles (to give me a quick idea)
Quick Link to Beer Menu
Kids Allowed
Animals Allowed
Growlers available
Tasters / Flights available
Cash Only/No Credit
Outdoor Patio or not
Full Food Menu or not
Online Orders / Delivery Available for Beer Stores

I always refer to Google/Facebook for the Opening Hours because I never trust those listed on this site since they are not up-to-date most of the time. Even when I enter a place, I always refer to the Place website/social media page for Opening Hours to prevent this happening.

And I used the mini-map too, but mostly to see if the geolocation was faulty however. I still prefer going straight to the full map.

Right now, many of these essential infos are still in DB but not even viewable, and if they are, you have to expand them in order to see them… but the MAYOR info is still listed and in first place, which is really stupid when you think about it…

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The working hours are essential anyway, if they are not visible, the situation with them not being up to date will get worse, and that’s shitting on people who actually keep them updated.


I know the Opening Hours are essentials, but they are not getting updated on this website like they usually do on Google or Facebook because the Place owner surely won’t update them here (because they don’t give a shit for this website anymore) and only admins can update them…so if we, (few) admins don’t update all the opening hours (which is an nearly impossible task to keep up), they are not up-to-date…bottom line I prefer to use other websites for accurate Opening Hours…but in the best of worlds Opening hours here should be essential…

I seen people giving bad reviews for Places in my jurisdiction because they were closed when it was indicated it was opened following RB hours but those hours were outdated…it wasn’t the Place fault…

Still, not a reason to hide them.

In the best of worlds there would be a note (last updated on (DATE)), so people who are unsure can check.

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For sure, the SHOW MORE expander doesn’t have it’s place most of the time, except for long listing (reviews and distribution). They do the same now with beer score…we have to click on Statistics to understand(?) why the beer have a certain Overall Score compared to the Raw Star Score…

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And if they have flights!!! Shit I’ve been saying this for years. I know some of the Brits get grumpy about adding this button because they never even have the possibility of tasters most of the time and it’s not a cultural thing or whatever. BUT MORE INFORMATION IS NEVER BAD. Just flights/tasters, yes or no. Just a simple ask, “Does place x have flights?” if you don’t check the box then they don’t.


Brit here, not grumpy, does want to know if flights are available (they’re increasingly common in the UK these days).


That was the olden days.


Oh, and by the way - the new (unsure since when it was introduced) URL character limit for Places is way too low. Had to butcher a ton of franchise-owned place website URLs (just put the franchise site) because of it. And I’m pretty sure that there’s a ton of places with incorrect URLs because of it around.

The new PLACE PAGE is up.

The Review section is not loading.

However, it seems like many bugs described before were fixed…

Please move the BEER SPOTTED HERE section AFTER the REVIEWS in narrow/mobile view since this the Spotted Beers are often an outdated list and is less useful than seeing the Reviews of the place…

The page layout is ok in larger desktop view but in narrow view, and especially on mobile view, this looks very ugly…especially with the picture being out of place…Can’t you make the fonts smaller like in the App?

@aww @services

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I wanted to report places reviews are not loading, then I saw this.

Thanks for reporting already

I still immensely dislike the lack of a map thumbnail and feel that will be of detriment to people using Places while actually being out, but I’m glad that some things were changed after reactions.

Yeah, the reviews are broken here too.

Is this Add Product button new? Looks clumsy AF on mobile (and why isn’t it “Add Beer”?).