Indy Man - Manchester

Who is going?

2 danes and a local will be flying in to Machester wednesday and attend both days …

We are very excited. Lineup looks amazing . .

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interesting, I thought the lineup looked pretty meh. There’s a few really good breweries there like Holy Goat and LEP, but I can get their beers in my local any day of the week without paying to get into a fest (and without paying £3 a third). There’s a hell of a lot of filler too, breweries I’d probably not cross the street for let alone travel to a fest. What I find really disappointing is the almost total lack of foreign breweries - I get that for the last couple of years it’s been difficult with Covid but this year there’s really no reason not to have International brewers.

I could honestly find more interesting beers just going round Manchester pubs and bars

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Myself, @cgarvieuk and @Stuu666 have tickets for the Friday early session, but the way the trains are at the moment from Edinburgh it’s looking ropey.

I’ve heard a few things which are making the 2022 version sound a lot less promising than previous years.

The organisers have supposedly told breweries that the maximum they will pay per keg is £108, a sustainability initiative apparently. They are supposedly charging most breweries £500 just to pour. Tokens are 10 for £25 and all beers are 1 token. Pours are one third of a pint. There’s a lot of £2.50 one third pours in a 30 litre key keg, quite a mark up in fact.

Hope it’s not just a bunch of 4.5% pale ales.

Still. the venue is amazing and it’ll be good to catch up with some folk that I’ve not seen since pre-pandemic, so I’ll make the best of it. I’ve got an all sessions ticket again. At least I can spend the tokens that I had left over from the 2019 festival.

There’ll be plenty of fringe events in the bars around Manchester.

Well it’s good they’re back to all beers one token again, that was a nasty shock when they doubled or tripled the price of some beers on opening day the other year. But for a supposedly premium beer event £108 a keg, especially if that’s for a 30l, is ridiculous, you’re not gonna get owt imperial or barrel aged for that

I’m a bit confused though, if they’re paying for the kegs then why would the brewery pay to pour? Usually if the brewery pays to pour they then get the bar price for the beer so the keg price doesn’t come into it (though 2.50 a third may still limit what they can afford to serve)

I’m going Thurs Eve. I agree the amount I end up spending is horrendous, considering the amount of beers I have.

If you wanted to put faces to names @Dedollewaitor I’ll be there 19:30 - 22:00 and hope to track down @travlr too.

It’s a bit of a labyrinth inside, if you haven’t been before, will BM you.

Not sure of the intricacies of their model tbh, it sounds a bit complicated. Info is from brewery staff who will be the festival.

when I poured at Birrasana they gave two options, so this may be similar…

1 they buy the kegs and provide accommodation, and the sales (or tokens) go to the organisers
2 you pay a pitch fee (i.e. the 500 quid) but keep all the bar takings (or tokens)

so it may be a mix of these i.e. brewers get 100 quid a keg or pay 500 quid up front but get 2.50 a third