Indyman ticket query

Quick question, if you have a weekend tickets for Indyman do you get a wristband? I went last year but only did an afternoon session, I cannot remember whether they stamp your hand, give you a wristband or just give you some sort of token/ticket on entry. However a friend of mine is going this year and has tickets for two days but wants to take along a different friend each day so was keen to know what the arrangements were. Thanks in advance for the replies, and sorry it ended up being quite long-winded.

I’m an IMBC virgin this year so can’t help but I only have a ticket for Fri morning session and am ISO Saturday morning also if anyone knows of a spare for sale ?

Was hoping I’d be bumping into you for a minute @Fin

Yea we have thought about it and we do really miss the UK beer crowd, but I think that it is unlikely that we’ll be back, in fact we wanted to do Borefts but probably won’t make that either.

That (Borefts) was my plan but the tickets for Saturday sold out within the first week of sale … hadn’t anticipated this so changed plans and hit IMBC for the first time instead.

All previous years have been a wristband ; a different colour for each session.