Instagram anyone?

I just opened a beer-related Instagram account in order to receive more updates about the “scene”. Is anybody here on Instagram as well?

Can you suggest some nice profile to follow?

Mine is (in case we want to follow each other) :

Not on any social media. Got enough spam as I do allready.

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Same name as here. Some weeks I post more some less. I use it to follow the scene as well.

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I have a beer-related account too, if anyone’s interested:

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I too have a (mostly) beer related account

I’m on there…

All duly followed.

Mostly not beer, but still plenty of beer-related stuff shows up. :slight_smile:

Mainly beer and metal stuff mixed, not artsy, not news like, just having fun.



All about the beer - mostly local stuff and from travels

I just opened an account that will be somewhat dedicated to beer.

As of February 2019 I’ve basically turned my personal account into a beery one. I’ve just followed everyone who posted in here so far.

I don’t post every beer I drink because it’s better when friends and family don’t know how much of an alcoholic I am :exploding_head:


This is me.


Beer, whiskey, BBQ, really all sorts of stuff

Mine doesn’t really have much beer stuff but here

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