Internationales Bierfestival Berlin 2018

Nun ist es wieder soweit.

Next week it’s time again for some compulsive rating and ticking. I checked the list of the beers available and there are some I never tried so far:

This is my “to-drink” list:

Wanderer Black IPA 43/7

Barbarossa Bräu
Barbarossa Rauchbier no score, 3.02/5

**Brauerei Norbert Fischer * **
Brauerei Fischer Lagerbier 39/63

Indie Janis
Indie Janis Old School IPA no score, but 3.30/5

Renaissance Brewing Marlborough
Elemental - Porter 97/99
Craftsman - Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 90/86
Perfection - English Pale Ale no review yet.
(but maybe it’s a typo and actually it’s Renaissance Perfection Pale Ale 77/99 (top50) )

Behemoth Brewing Company
Behemoth (Chur) Triple Chocolate Milk Stout no score, but 3.68/5

Epic Brewing Company
Epic Pale Ale 95/98

Tuatara Brewing
Tuatara Sauvinova - Single Hop Pale Ale 94/97

Franziskaner Klosterbetriebe GmbH Klosterbrauerei Kreuzberg
Kreuzberger Klosterbier Dunkel 81/98

**Hop’s Brewing * **
Hop’s Red Devil IPA 50/32

Labieratorium Alte Welt Ale 44/28
Labieratorium Hell 46/93
Labieratorium Orange Pale Ale 29/16

Maxbrauerei Biermanufaktur
Maxbrauerei Hopfenschweinerei no score, but 3.06/5

Loncium India Pale Ale 79/60
Loncium Carinthipa 67/54
Loncium Rauchbier 49/40

Spencer Trappist Ale 87/96

Hofmark Brauerei
Hofmark BAVARIA Dry Hopped Lager no score, but 3.18/5
Hofmark ICONIC American Pale Ale no score, but 3.17/5

**Brussels Beer Project * **
Brussels Babylone 86/99 (top50)
Brussels Delta IPA 87/79
Brussels Red My Lips 72/64

**Brauerei Gasthof Zwönitz * **
Zwönitzer Rauchbier 48/38
Zwönitzer Feieromd Bier 43/89

Founders Brewing
Founders KBS 100/100 (top50)

Have you planned to be there as well? Do you have “to-drink” list?

*beers I already had, without rating/ticking / I can easily find in beershop

I was there on the Friday, didn’t have a list (plus was with non-beer geek friends); enjoyed trying what I had. Got there early and left before it got too busy in the evening.

The Stonewood Pale Ale, Zloty Pies Pit Bull IPA and Hops Brewing Red Devil IPA were the best for me.

As I have rated the various beers I had three other names have come up on here as having been there (including you).


It’s always good to have a list there, since there are too many stands and it can happen to miss something. Furthermore, not all the beer listed on the official website are then available (which disappoints me a bit, nevermind). But I was with just a friend (saturday morning from 10 am) so it was easier for me to enjoy it. And this year I think it was the best edition ever. Lots of new breweries to try, a lot of interesting beers as well.

I think there are only 4 active members of RB from Berlin. I see beergeeks here tend to use UT instead. But I am a die-hard fan of this website and I try to do my best to keep updated the Berlin area adding new beers, new places and telling each time where I drank that beer. :beers: