• Prop 13*
  • Prop 14*
  • King Henry*
  • BCBS Cherry Rye (2012)*
  • Fremont HHC bottles
  • HF Ann*
  • HF Art*
  • HF Samuel
  • JK Sherry Atrial
  • Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock (also open for other of their stuff)
  • MT Monster Tones (any)
  • SP Anabasis
  • Allagash Coolship Bardus

Also ISO other stuff but these are my main wants. If you have BTAC or Pappy, also open to discuss beer for bourbon trade.


  • 3F: Zenne set, Schaarbeekse Kriek (+ Oogst), Perzik blends, OGV16, Framboos, Hommage, Frambozenlambik etc.
  • Tilquin: lots of different stuff, also a bit older vintages
  • Cantillon: 50n (brandy), Baie d’Argousier (both sizes), Brabantiae (2018), Nath (all years), most seasonals, older regulars etc.
  • Bokke: access to a few different limited releases from events but beer(s) with * must be included in the trade
  • Other stuff as well, just ask