IP Brussels Dec 7 - FT: US Stouts ISO: Lambic

Angry Chair El Cucuy
Angry Chair Fionn
Angry Chair Tiramisu
Angry Chair Turtle Borwnie
Angry Chair Woke
Angry Chair Moon Butter
Angry Chair Unrepentant Transgression
Bourbon County Vanilla 2018
Bourbon County Bramble Rye 2018
Bourbon County Midnight Orange 2018
Bottle Logic FO 2019
Garagiste Meads
Hidden Springs March Of The Damned
Hill Farmstead Arthur
Hill Farmstead Anna
Hill Farmstead Clara
Hill Farmstead Florence
Hill Farmstead CD20
Icarus BA Kalashnikoffee Bourbon
Icarus BA Kalashnikoffee Port Rye
Kane Morning Bean
Kane ANTEAD 2018 Set
Kane BA Evening Bell
Kane BA Morning Bell
Kane Sunday Brunch
Kane BA Mexican Brunch
Kane Mexican Brunch
Kane Saturday Night Lights
Kane Lunchbox Hero
Kane Holy Nights
Dionysus BerlinersField
Dionysus PassionFruit
Dionysus Holier Than Noir
Dionysus Mr Rozo Razz
Referend Wittgenstein
Referend Avond; de rode boom
Referend The Recognition
Treehouse double shot hair bender
Trillium Night & Day w/ Chilli
Troon 2nd Anniversary Set

Also have Tommie Sjef & Mills

My locals are
Tired Hands
Forest & Main

Drie Fonteinen 2015 OGV Honing
Drie Fonteinen White Label Gueuze
Drie Fonteinen OGV (2012 and earlier)
Drie Fonteinen Zenne / set
Cantillon Brabantiae
Cantillon St Lamnivus
Cantillon Mamouche
Cantillon LPK
Cantillon LPF
Cantillon 50n4e b4
Cantillon Reine Des Pres
Cantillon Grand Cru Brute
Cantillon Lambic D’ Aunis
Open to other Gueuzes not listed.

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I sent you a message.

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