IP Brussels FT: (older) lambic (50n b1/lpk 07 etc) ISO: stouts/barleywines

I live in Belgium so meeting up at a place shouldn’t be a problem!

We obviously can talk about ratios.

If you have similar beers like my ISO, you can always tell me, I might be interested in those aswell!

I don’t have any interest in Goose Island beers though.



  • '07 LPK (multiples!)
  • 50N4E batch 1 (2007)
  • '07 Iris
  • Fou foune 2010 (375ml bottle). It says cuvee fou foune on the backlabel, idk if there is a difference at all.
  • Mag geuze
  • Fou '17
  • Whenever st lam/vig gets released I can get those aswell.

3 Fonteinen

  • Zenne batch 2
  • OGV '14
  • 2x mag A&G


  • Tilquin Pinot Noir


  • Abnormal: ba M3/ pappy 4/ m4/…
  • ADWTD variants
  • Angry Chair stouts: BAIGCCS/BA Rocky Road/BA Fionn/…
  • Fremont: Ancient One Bbomb/ Brew 1000
  • Holy Mountain: Hand of glory/Midnight still variants
  • JWK stouts: IWAAD/Big Poppa/…
  • Perennial: Maman
  • Side Project stouts/barleywines: Anabasis/BBT/any Derivation/…
  • TG stouts: Assassin/kbbs/SR-71
  • 3 floyds ba DL variants

I’m also open for some Meads like Schramm’s Mead variants (or any other good mead)

Open to UK shipping at all?