IP Brussels Zwanze Day (28-29 Sept) - FT: Bokkereyder


Heading over to Brussels for Zwanze Day (28-29 Sept) and will bring Bokkereyder Zomersaison and Wijngaard Muscat & Riesling for IP trade.

Could also bring (if there is interest)
HF Anna
Cycle Red
Omnipollo BA Extra Maple
Omnipollo Agamemnon B1
Omnipollo Maple Truffle

ISO but not limited to (name what you have)
Side Project
Hill Farmstead
Tree House
Bottle Logic
TG Assassin, SR-71
Cigar City BBA Hunaphu
Cantillon La Vie Est Belge, Magic Lambic, 50N-4E
Fremont B-BOMB(s)

Send me a PM and lets have a dialogue!