IP BXL (12-14 Sept), FT: Casey, Stouts ISO: 50N4E (new), Blåbær (37.5cl), Lambic d'Aunis, Reine des Prés, St. Lam, others

I have the following available for in-person trade in BXL this week. Please PM me if interested.

Casey Brewing and Blending:
-Fruit Stand Plum - Elephant Heart; bottled 10/19/17
-Fruit Stand Nectarine - Ovation; bottled 10/12/17
-Bière de Garde - bottled 1/19/18
-The Cut Plum - Laroda; bottled 10/2/17
-The Cut Grape - Baco Noir; bottled 12/28/17
-The Cut Grape - Chambourcin; bottled 12/22/17
-The Cut Grape - Viognier; bottled 12/20/17
-Casey Family Preserves Peach - O’Henry; bottled 10/17/17
-Casey Family Preserves Grape - Primotivo; bottled 1/10/18
-Casey Family Preserves Cherry - Sour Danube; bottled 7/26/18
-Casey Family Preserves Apricot - Gold Bar/Perfection; bottled 8/1/18
-The Mix, Elephant Berry; bottled 10/20/17
-Funky Blender Apricot - Perfection; bottled 7/18/18
-East Bank - Bing; bottled 7/16/18
-East Bank; bottled 1/18/18
-East Bank; bottled 5/21/17

-Big Bad Baptist 2017
-Big Bad Baptista 2017 Rare Release
-Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist 2017 Rare Release
-Coffee Shop Vibes - Peru; 042017
-Coffee Shop Vibes - Mexico; 122017
-Perennial Abraxas 2017
-Perennial Barrel Aged Abraxas 2017

ISO: 50N4E (new), Blåbær (37.5cl - 2016, 2017, 2018 in particular), Lambic d’Aunis, Reine des Prés, St. Lam (any vintage), Grand Cru Bruocsella Brut, Magic Lambic, Carignan, La Vie est Belge