IP: Copenhagen, Milos, Santorini

Lost Abbey Falling Rock
Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze '16
Lost Abbey Cable Car '17
Lost Abbey Sinner’s Blend (Stout, hope to have it by the time we leave)
Firestone Walker Coconut Rye Parabola
Central Waters Ardea Insignis
Forager Nillerzzzzz
Bottle Logic Fundamental Forces
George T. Stagg 2017

3F Zenne
3F Oude Lambik (4 year)
3F Malvasia Rosso (my white whale)
3F Millennium Geuze
Open to others

Cantillon Magic Lambic
Cantillon Blåbær
Cantillon Lambic d’Aunis
Open to others

Copenhagen: 08/20, 08/21, 08/29
Milos: 08/22-08/26
Santorini: 08/26-08/29

Thanks for looking and cheers!