IP Florence or Rome...FT: Mostly HF etc. ISO: Lambics and yummy beer

So coming to Italy March 30 to April 13. Not sure how many bottles I can bring but wouldn’t mind working out a trade or two. Also happy for more beer and non-beer recommendations around Florence and Rome :).

Hill Farmstead:
MC 11
Flora BBRC
Birth of Tragedy
CD Citrus

Cable Car 12, 13
Sucuba, Abacus
Wakefield DFPF
Bunch of other yummy stuff

3 Font - Zenne, OGV
Cantillon - Nath, St Lam, Magnum, 50n4e

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I’m in Milan, i have nath, fou fune and other lambic, i don’t know if we can organize something, cheers!

That could have worked but already in Florence. Could always ship afterwards but that gets expensive. Let me know if you still want to try and work something out. No worries if not.

May do a day trip to Milan later on this week.

If you want you can read my post that i created some hour ago for trading this lambic, however can i ask you what beer you have with you at this point? Unfortunately i think that i’m won’t will able to come in florence :-(, but i live near Milan, maybe you will be able to come in a one day trip in milan this week?