[IP - Greater Boston] ISO: TH Curiosity 44; FT: Trillium limiteds, etc

Looking for 2 cans of C44. Willing to trade separately for 1 can at a time.

Just realized I still had a 4-pack of Trillium/Omnipollo Covered in Puppies in the back of the fridge. Packaged 12/7, but has been kept cold ever since. Opened a can and still tastes great. Have 3 remaining, and willing to trade all of them, OR something from the below suggestions, for 2 cans of C44.

EDIT: my bad, my priority is to pass along the Covered in Puppies first. If I can’t do that in the next day or two, I’ll accept the other offers.

Other stuff: Trillium Blackberry Super Soak, Trillium/JWakefield Miles Away (multiples - willing to be generous with this one), Trillium/Omnipollo BA Behind the Lines, and Trillium/Prairie TrillBOMB!, Founders CBS 2017. Allagash Coolship Red (2015 and 2017) is also available, as is the original May 2011 batch of Coolship Resurgam. Plus many other offerings - feel free to inquire.

Plus: for any tickers out there, I still have one bottle of this one-off saison, willing to include at well under $4$ value.

In-person for greater Boston area and possibly some parts of central MA.