IP in Miami/Tampa early March. FT: rare lambics / ISO: big US beers


JWB Antique Coco/Blue, Double BA La Nada and the like, also DFPF/Madness to expand
CC Hunahpu’s any BA variants (excl. DBH)
SP Anabasis, Derivation (depending on batch), BBT
TG KBBS, SR-71 (both all batches)
Perennial Maman (pref to TWCP)
TG Assassin Purple Wax
OG Rare
Also looking for loads of other stuff (3 Sons, AC and others) but want to prioritise luggage space for big bottles. Let’s discuss closer.


Cantillon (only for primary wants or 1:1 trades): GCB Brut, Baie d’Argousier (2018), D’Aunis (2018), Reine des Prés, Blåbaer (2017)
Cantillon other: 50n, Iris, St Lam, Vig, Nath (both batches), LPF, Fou etc. -> the usual line up of regular and seasonals
3F: A&G (b1 paper label), probably all fruited limited batches released at OBD this year
Tilquin: Gueuze, Quetsche, Mûre (lots of vintages of these three), Pinot Noir (b2 and b3), Pinot Gris, Groseille Rouge
Other Belgian and European beers such as Närke Stormaktsporter Kaggen.

X-posted. Hit me up with PM to discuss.


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