IP London/Gloucester/Oxford. ISO: Cantillon, Narke, 3F, Bokke, Antidoot: FT: List (HF, SARA, OH, etc

Hey everyone. Coming to London for the first time (28- February to 7- March)

Looking to trade or tick a few Cantillon/3F/Bokke/Närke or Antidoot beer
Below is a list of my wants and then followed by what I have for trade.

Will be staying in the Cotswolds for a few days otherwise will be in London


La vie est Belge *
Saint Lamvinus Grand Cru
Grand Cru Bruocsella Brut
Vin Santo

Drie Fonteinen:
Millennium Gueuze*
Oude Geuze Vintage 2008
Oude Kriekenlambic Toast- Blend 11
Speling- Schaarbeekse on a Toast
Speling- Schaarbeekse (+ Framboos) on a Toast
Bosbes + Framboos Blended & Alive

Kaggen! Stormaktsporter

Oscar One *
Framboos Noyaux

Reine des Vergers

also looking for glassware from Närke and Old Chimney

  • are Top Wants
    Could also share bottles in London if someone has them but doesn’t want to trade. PM me for an expanded share list

Some of my beers I could combo for my wants

For Trade:

Hill Farmstead

Samuel (for a trade involving Millennium Geuze)
Clover (a trade involving one my top wants)
BA Dorothy
BA Everett
E. (Multiple Vintages)
Sue (Multiple Vintages)
Farmer Wave (Bottled 3/28/17)- 1
Works of Love: Anchorage (2015)- 1
Works of Love: Cigar City (2015)
Works of Love: Tired Hands- Ghosthands
Civil Disobedience # 19
Civil Disobedience # 24
Civil Disobedience # 27
Vera Mae (2018)
Juicy (Multiple Vintages)
Soignee (Bottled 4/06/18)
BA What is Enlightenment (2016)
Beyond , Good & Evil (Multiple Vintages)
Birth of Tragedy: Alaka
Flora Plum (Multiple Vintages)
Flora Blueberry
Flora BBRC
Flora BBR
Flora Peach
Flora Pear
BA Genealogy of Morals (Multiple Vintages)
Leaves of Grass (Multiple Vintages)

Sante Adairius:
Westly 2017
Empty Sea
Fruit Punch 1v 2
Other cellar bottles

J Wakefield:
DFPF batch 2
Miami Madness Batch 2

Other Half: Game is Thickk (Maple)- 1
Other Half: Game is Thickk (Peanut Butter)- 1
Other Half: Weve Been Out There in Orbit- Coconut & Coffee- 1
Other Half: Deep Orbit- Andromeda- 1
Other Half: Pastrytown- Leggo- 1
Other Half/EQ- Hello Gentleman- 1
Other Half/ Horus: Run with Us

can anything currently available at Other Half

Suarez: Merkel (Harvest 2018)
Suarez: Tones
Suarez: Domain 6