IP: Luxembourg / Belgium - ISO: Cantillon / Bokk / 3F / DHVL 20th etc. FT: US Stuff

Heading over to Luxembourg for a couple weeks (Mid/end September until beginning of Oct), and will be hitting Cantillon / Drie Fonteinen on Zwanze Day. Looking to do a few trades while over there for anyone interested.

Cantillon - Seaosonals - Vig / Mamouche / Fou / St Lam / LPF / LPK etc…
Open to other seasonal / special events Grand Cru / D’ Aunis / ML etc…
Drie Fonteinen - Open to lots of their stuff. Just not shelf.
Bokkereyder - Any
DHVL 20th anniversary
Goedele Blossom Gueuze
CuvÈe Lambikstoemper
Uli Blends

2018 Bourbon county coffee multiples
2018 bourbon county barley wine
2018 Kane BA Sunday Brunch
2017 Kane Rye ANTEAD
2017 Kane ANTEAD Base
2017 Kane Anniversary Blend 2190
2017 Kane Anniversary Blend 2192
2016 Kane Anniversary Blend Fifth
2015 Bruery Chocolate Rain
2017 Bruery Mocha Wednesday multiples
2016 Bruery Black Tuesday
2016 Bruery Share This Coffee
2016 Fremont Ancient One BBOMB
2017 Hill Farmstead CD20
2017 Hill Farmstead Madness & Civilization multiples
AleSmith BA Vietnamese Speedway Stout
Lost Abbey Veritas 18
Lost Abbey DDG B3
BA Ten Fidy
Tired Hands Cherry Cheesecake Double IPA MilkShake

Various Reverend Bottles
Various Dionysus Bottles

My locals are
Tired Hands
Forest & Main

Also secured 2018 Kane ANTEAD Rye / Base from yesterday’s release