IP: Manhattan/Boston FT: Blåbær 2019 37,5cl ISO: Top 100

I will be visiting NYC with a short detour to Boston between 12/8-23/8. With me I’ll bring a bottle of Blåbær 2019 37,5cl that I managed to grab this year. There’s also some other random stuff in the cellar if that’s of interest including Omnipollo Yellow Belly Final Batch (Ceased and Desisted), 3 Fonteinen Armand & Gaston, Struise Dark Horse Reserva, Draak Limited 2019 and other Belgian/Nordic stuff that’s easily available here (Dugges, Brekeriet, 3 Fonteinen, stuff like that you know).
Not really sure what I’m looking for but any cool stuff and top 100 beers I haven’t tried is generally of interest.