Ip mbcc 6-11/5

Giving it a shot and trying to see if someone is interesting in some Swedish Brews. If you haven’t tried anything from Mikrofon/Morgondagens/Wizard before, I really recommend trying. They do some of the best Berliner I’ve tried :slight_smile:

ISO: US Hops mainly , BA Stouts & BW also interesting.

Mikrofonbryggeriet/Morgondagens Bryggeri/ Wizard Brewing (Sour/Fruit/Berry Berliner Weisse):
Geléhallon Sour + bag of Geléhallon candy
Hockeypulver + the candy powder
Sky’s the Limit

Aon Pecan Mudcake
Agamemnon Bourbon BA

Tempel Brygghus & Tired Hands - Fell Voices Sour Ale

Bötet BW Bourbon BA
Bötet BW Oloroso BA

Oppigårds & Närke Kulturbryggeri - Thurbo Kaggen Stormaktsporter (Bourbon BA)

Double Winter Ale
Double Winter Ale BA

Brännland Cider (Ice Cider) :
Brännland Iscider 11,7% (2017)
Brännland Iscider Fatlagrad 11% (BA 2016)

Cassis -14, 750ml
Vild Cassis -18, 375ml

Don’t mean to hijack your post, just agree regarding Wizard. Had 6 of them at Bergen Craft Beer Festival last weekend. All really good, a few of them simply mind-blowing. If you like Wakefield berliners, some of these are even better. Top of the notch :grin:

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Yeah I Agree. On Brewskival in Helsingborg last year, JW and Mikrofon stand next to each other with their beers. The line to Mikrofon was more then twice the length of the line to JW. Last years big surprise to me and just love their beers :smile: