IP MBCC. ISO East End Gratitude. FT: Lambic (Cantillon Blåbär etc, Drie Fonteinen OGV 2006 etc)

Looking for this vintage of East End Grattitude.

Got lamibcs but also other beer that I can arrange for trade.
PM for more info.

Which vintage are you looking for?

The one they released on March 24

To be specific:

One of each:
2017 Gratitude Barleywine (Green) in hand-screened paper-wrapped 750ml bottles, wax dipped, hand signed, and numbered, $23 - VERY limited supply, limit three per customer.
2017 Gratitude Barleywine (Green) in 22oz bottles, wax dipped, $17
2017 Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude Barleywine in 4/16oz cans $40, singles $11.