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IP: MBCC or Spain / FT: Belgian OMT / ISO: American OMT

Any OMT lover around here? Looking for a trade to taste mainly some oldy American stuff but also open to BA Stouts and AmLam.
FT : things like - St. Bernardus Prior BB1998, Belle-Vue Gueuze BB1988, Chimay Tripel BB1994, De Dolle Oerbier 1992 or Stille Nacht 1989 + some 2010’ Struise, Stille Nacht, Chimay GR or a SNR 2010.
ISO : looking for recommendations but mainly vintage Goose Island, Dogfish Head, Firestone, Sierra Nevada, Abbys, Alaskan, Surly, Lost Abbey, Bell’s, Russian River, etc.
Everything is first owner or from Cellar to Cellar and storaged at 15°C.
As I was telling, mainly OMT but open to NMT of Stouts and Sours, I also have Lambics to trade.
IP at MBCC or in Spain.
PM for more info or photos,

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