IP New York / San Francisco in November - FT New Zealand beer

I’ll be in New York 7th to 13th November and San Francisco 13th to 17th November. I would be interested in meeting up for a trade in either or both places.

FT - I have access to most NZ stuff, am happy to look for specific beers / breweries / styles you’re interested in. Might be able to provide a country tick or two if that’s your game, reasonably certain I can do Fiji, probably some of the other Pacific islands if I have a look around. When in San Francisco, I can bring stuff I find in NY if you prefer.

ISO - Would love some highly rated / hyped stuff I don’t usually have access to, ideally not things I’d find in shops on my visits. Happy to trade multiple for single if it’s something interesting. Happy just to trade for local stuff too.

Message me if you’re interested!

I got some stuff in NYC I could part with… Funky Buddha Wide Awake It’s Morning comes to mind… also got plenty of other beers in my fridge and will have very different stuff in a month. I will likely have a bunch of Hudson Valley cans the week before you show up. Would be happy to discuss closer to the date.

Also forgot I got a bunch of Hill Farmstead and Oxbow… if saisons float your boat. Would love to try NZ beers (that I can’t get here) or weird stuff from small islands I have not yet tried…

All of that sounds great. Particularly interested in anything Hill Farmstead and that Funky Buddha beer sounds amazing. I can message you in a few weeks to sort out details.