IP Rome | FT: 4pk Trillium Permutation 62 TIPA | ISO: Italian/European Beer (List)

Will be in Rome this week and next.

ISO: Xyauyù Kentucky, X-Fumé, Lurisia Dodici, Westvleteren 12 (x2)… Open to European-only Omnipollo releases, Vigneronne+, Ducato Prima Luna+, Baladin Lune+, De Struise beers…

About the beer:
“Permutation #62 pushes past the upper limits of hoppy beer that we have explored so far! Building off our learnings from newer double and triple IPAs as well as milestone hop giants like Headroom, this triple IPA sets the new high water mark for the largest hop charge, to date.”

Canned a couple days ago, picked up straight from the source.