IP: San Francisco Jan 13-19. FT: Lambics, Omnipollo, Cloudwater. ISO Monkish, Bottle Logic, SARA, Rare Barrel

ISO: Monkish (potentially open to other hops), Bottle Logic, Rare Barrel, SARA

FT: Omnipoll, Cloudwater, Lambics (PM for list)

IP: San Francisco Jan 13-19. Shipping to SF a potential option.


-Brush (J Wakefield Collab)
-Selassie (EU version)
-BA Rum Hypnopompa
-Yellow Belly Sundae (BA)
-Yellow Belly
-BA Lorelei
-Noa Hazlenut
-Noa (Pecan Mud)
-Maple Ice Cream (Buxton Collab)

Cloudwater: all recent releases and can get whatever comes pre Jan 11th.

Lambic: message for list

Great trader here.