IP Stockholm or Brussels FT: US Beers ISO Lambic

I’ll be in stockholm on april 26th and 27th, then I’ll be headed to Brussels until the 2nd.

Hill Farmstead (multiple vintages available) Anna, Brother Soigne, Clara, Convivial Suarez, Arthur, Dorothy, Elaborative 4, Farmer Wave, Florence, Nordic Saison, Table Dorothy, Vera mae
Sara Cask 200, Cask Cherry, Saison Bernice
Prairie Single Barrel FIBadise (rum ba with coconut and vanilla)
Suarez Brewing 100 Ft North, Backraods, Triangular Nature, Whistlin, General Store, Merkel Danube
Forest & Main Arytam, Dochter Seizoen, Lunaire, Moeder Seizeon, Pareidolia, Solaire Rerserve
17 Bourbon County Brand Stout and Barelywine
Revolution Straight Jacket, VSOD, Deth Tar
Chicago Hops and other locals

St Lam
Similar Lambic


Trade can be arranged in Stockholm 26-27 April.

Have both Fou, Nath, Rose de Gambrinus. 3F Intense Red if interested.

Also Omnipollo stuff like Agamemnon b1, BBA Agamemnon, BA Lorelei and Maple Truffle.

Can definately sort this out. Let’s talk ratios if interested.

Erik Welén

Mostly interested in Fou, nath, and probably rose. Let me know what bottles you’re interested and we can figure something out.


Is Dorothy WBA or regular?


Hi Brett

I’ve tried to prioritize out of interest

HF Vera Mae
HF Dorothy
Prairie FIBadise
FM Moeder Seizoen
Suarez Backroads
SARA Cask Cherry
Revolution Deth’s Tar
FM Lunaire
Suarez 100 ft north
HF Farmer Wave
HF Anna
Revolution Straight Jacket
Suarez Whistlin

Any chance on BCS Reserve 17 or Night Stalker?

If you can get hold of any hoppy cans from HF, TH or Trillium that can also be part of the discussion :slight_smile:


Also do you just have one of each of your bottles?

Thats correct.
Also have 3F A&G (750 ml), RR Temptation, LA Cuvee de Tomme (12 or 13) and Hansens OG

What about doing Vera mae, Dorothy, FM Lunaire, HF Anna, and 100 ft north for fou and nath?