IP Trade Brussels FT lambic ISO Suarez Family

In Brussels from 26th April till 2nd May

I have the following FT

Cantillon Gueze Magnum
Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella Magnum
Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella 750ml
Cantillon Vigneronne 750ml 2018
Cantillon St Lamvinus 750ml 2018
Cantillon Fou Foune 750ml 2017
Cantillon Iris 750ml 2017?6? Idk gotta check
Drie Fonteinen Armand and Gaston Magnum
Drie Fonteinen Hommage
Drie Fonteinen Inten Rood 750ml
Drie Fonteinen Kriekenlambic 375ml
Tommie Sjef Salie
Tommie Sjef Poos
Tommie Sjef Wijnig
Tommie Sjef Rose

ISO Suarez Family Brewing
Have other ISO but Suarez is the main want.

Would also do Shelfie for shelfie, as I assume Cantillon would put a very very stringent limit on the shelfies-to-go.

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