Ip trade Florida. Ft cantillon blåbær, iso Florida beers

I’m tavelling through Florida in the next few weeks, Leaving on February the 8. So I have limited time to set this up, I hope its possible. Staying in Miami, key west, and perhaps also a stop in Tampa. I would love to set up a trade or two. Preference goes to larger trades.

I have the following Cantillon

Geuze magnum 1,5 L
Fou Foune 18
Nath 18
Blåbær, year 2014-2018

I also have Bokkereyde. Framboos cognac 16, framboos vanilla 16, framboos saison 16. These will take something ekstra for me to part with.

I like big stouts, lots of barrel.
I’m open to suggestions, but more specifically I would like to get my hands on

J Wakefield adjunctron set. Maybe other things as well.
Cycle brewing trademark dispute set
Funky buddha barrel aged stuff.
BCBS vanilla, reserve, midnight orange.
TG stouts