IPA - Hazy / New England 4.7 %

… appearance from 4.8 to 6.9% alcohol, according to RateBeer. But, in Norway we have a 4.7 % limited for beers sold in grocery stores. So what about NEIPA´s below 4.8 % ? Do we have to list them as a Session IPA??

I’d say the majority of Hazy IPAs where I am are falling between 6 and 9% ABV.

I’m adding anything marketed as “Hazy IPA” or “NEIPA” into that style.

I have been listing them as session, and hopefully one day the bew style categories will come out includong Session - Hazy

As a regular session IPA drinker, I’ve never thought twice about listing them as Session rather than under Hazy simply on the basis of ABV.
Admittedly though, I do follow the brewers own designation so the decision is rarely only mine.

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Session and Imperial IPAs should be listed as Session IPA and Imperial IPA for the moment, even if the brewer calls them “hazy IPA” (or synonyms).
Possibly in the future there may be a split of sIPA and IIPA into a New England/Hazy version too, if necessary.

Feel like people can add them however they want regardless of what some guy on the forums says.

Maybe if the new style roll out was accompanied by some actual communication from someone affiliated with the site regarding what it was meant to encompass I’d feel differently, but I don’t think that’s the case.

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I am very confused now. I thought we’ve ruled that we’re going with brewers’ intent.

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Who is “we”? The small group of like 20 people that still use the forums?

Brewer’s intent applies to something like Stout vs Porter.
Brewer’s intent is the starting ground, but there are many reasons for overruling that.

Plenty of examples of 8+ beers called IPA (maybe because they just don’t want to complicate the name adding double/imperial), or too low ABV beers called Imperial/Double; we usually overrule those and put them in the more fitting style.

I’m sorry if this was not communicated clearly (complain to the manager), I quote the last thing I saw from @Oakes, 3 months ago: “I agree with that. DIPA / IIPA should remain listed under Imperial IPA, and should not be moved to NEIPA.

This discussion is why I like RateBeer and the forum. More people should engage! About 20 active? Well, there are about 10 very active in the Norwegian forum.

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I guess it depends on how you define “active”. There are 9 people that are averaging more than 2 posts/day over the past year.

1-3 posts in a week is rather active in my opinion…

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I would add it as a Hazy IPA no matter what the ABV is if it has the words Hazy or New England in the title. Obviously some/most breweries hazy/ne beers sort of suck and aren’t true to style, but the same can be said of most breweries Kolsch offerings.

Speaking of NE IPA, this DryHop Hopped Hihi I’m sipping on is World Class. Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, and Waimea make an awesome combination. Just nails it.

There will be huge change of styles soon (or RB “soon”). At the moment you should add hazy DIPA under DIPA and hazy session ipa under session IPA, otherwise you just create more work for the admins as they will change it later anyway (or at least should).

That being said, rb styles have never been too strict. 4.7% ABV can still go under IPA, if brewer considers it to be IPA and local admins (who know the specifics, i.e. in the case of Norway) decide so.

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