IPA in Singapore

Hi there, I’m travelling to Singapore and have one night out to test local craftbeers. I’m very much interested in a place/pub with a good selection of IPAs/craft beer to test; must not necessarily be only local craft beer. By the bottle is also fine. Any suggestions are welcome- Thanks!

My favourite bar in Singapore was Druggists, plenty of taps of which several would be IPAs.

Lots of places there have their menus on Untappd, so I would recommend checking that if you want to see what has the best selection when you’re there.

Great- thanks- will check that out.

Only been there once, and was 5 years ago.

At the time did a semi serious travel report of the places I had time to visit during my short stay.
Available here if interested:

Thanks @gnoff - nice review. A couple of month ago I also visited the Red dot Brewery with the freaky green algae lager;-)