IPAs in Germany

Best friend lives in Kassel.
When I was working in Germany a few years ago I brought some beers to her, including “Häffner Bräu Hopfenstopfer Citra Ale” which she liked a lot, and some other IPA.

The Places list doesn’t help much for Kassel;
Hopfenstopfer sells online, I think;
what other shops sell online, and which IPAs would you recommend?
because of freshness, I’d rather look for local IPAs than US imports…

Don’t know many online shops for “modern” beer, but Liquid Hops, a distributor from Augsburg, always has FrauGruber cans, which are some of the better, if not best, IPAs from Germany.


Sunrise To Sunset is probably not that fresh anymore, but I can recommend the whole lineup of FrauGruber in general. They’re great for German standards. Hounds of Hell is very new (released maybe last week), and I hear good stuff about it (haven’t tried it myself yet).

This should do, she’s not an expert.
It’s a pity that they live in the middle of nowhere.
Thanks Stefan!

Himburgs Braukunstkeller - Amarsi


One of the best German Double IPAs, now brewed in the new brewery of Kuehn Kunz Rosen in Mainz which also do a great IPA themselves, Mystique IPA.

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